Forex 1 Week Course (Monday – Friday)


Classroom based course learning how traders view financial markets

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Classroom based course
Monday – Friday: 09 :00 – 16:00
Location: Chelmsford Essex

The Course Learning Objective
The objective of this course is to understand how traders view financial markets. Gain experience trading Forex, Cryptocurrency and Commodities. Apply this in a practical setting, using real-time data from a leading Broker. Discover what moves markets. Learn how to apply trading techniques and manage risk.

Topics Covered
Introduction to Trading – What is trading? How can I take part in the financial markets
What types of products can I trade? Overview of trading products available to you as a trader
Technical Analysis – Charts, indicators and systems used by traders
Practical session – Set up trading charts and platform

Trading Techniques – How to spot opportunities in the market
Technical Analysis – Time frames, where to open trades
Risk Management – Risk reward and where to place stops
Trading Psychology – How to keep focused
Practical session – Make your first trade

The main fundamental drivers of:
Cryptocurrencies – BTC, ETH, LTC
Metals – Gold
Agriculture – Wheat, corn soybean
Equities and Indicies – FTSE, S&P500, Nasdaq, Russell
Fixed income – Treasury bonds
Energy – Crude oil
Practical session – Trading energy data

Creating a trading plan
Trading Techniques 2 – Indicators and trading zones
Practical session – what to look for when entering trades

Economics, how Central banks impact markets
Practical session – the benefits of scaling and risk management
Trading review and helpful tips for trading
Lunch and drinks

Learn to trade using charting software and make trading decisions based on fundamental and technical analysis.